German Greetings

German Greetings

8.1: German Greetings

You may find it ironic that I chose to use German greetings as the final lesson in this free course. However, I think it is appropriate for more than one reason, you now have the basic understanding of the language and how it is used. You should have by now, completed the 6 part audio course through email. You also should head on over to this website and pick yourself up a copy if you want to practice and become proficient in German. I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

German greetings are not that hard to master. Most of them are less than four words. You can memorize the words as you see fit. You can also use them as you see fit. These are very helpful for you folks out there that are planning on traveling to Germany, or as the natives call it, Deutschland.

Listed below I have put up a whole bunch of common greetings. Some of these you may already know but that is alright. It never hurts to practice something again. After all, practice makes perfect.

As you memorize these phrases, please keep in your mind what we just went over. The usage of the word "you" is very different in German than compared to English. Remember to use the formal greeting and you should be ok most of the time. The usage of first names only in greetings is particularly common.

As with any generation, the German culture is becoming more relaxed about the rules. However, the rules still apply and you should approach the learning of the language with a strict coherence to the way it has been spoken for many generations. Their language in general, is a little more formal overall than English. This is a good thing, after all, who ever said that being polite was something to be ashamed about? I wish you the best in your learning and I will see you in the members' area of this course.

Hello - Hallo
Goodbye - Auf Wiedersehen
Later! - Bis Später!!
Have Fun - Viel Spaß!
Bye - Tschuess
Merry Christmas - Frohe Weihnachten
Happy Easter - Fröhliche Ostern
How Are You? - Wie Geht Es Ihnen?
I Am Fine - Mir geht es gut
How Is The Weater? - Wie ist das Wetter?
What Time Is It? - Wie spät ist es?
Where Is The Bathroom? - Wo ist das Bad/Badezimmer?
May I Have The Bill? - Können sie mir bitte die Rechnung bringen?
I Would Like... - Ich Möchte...
Wonderful! - Wundervoll!
I Am Sorry - Es tut mir leid
Good Luck - Viel Glueck
Take Care - Mach's Gut
Cheers - Beifall
Great - Toll!
May I? - Darf ich?
No Thanks - Nein, Danke

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